Alfred x Arc’teryx: The best gear for the best people

Alfred and Arc’teryx team up to give the best gear to the best people, March 2016

In what seems like another life, I spent a lot of time outdoors and on the slopes. One of my favorite things to do is to get a little lost in search of fresh powder. Even in the backcountry it’s hard to miss the number of skiers who are suited up in Arc’teryx gear. It’s a well loved brand because of the care and quality put into everything they make. And while building Hello Alfred doesn’t allow for as much time on the slopes, I’m such a brand loyalist that I’ve even taken my Arc’teryx habit with me off the mountain. Just try prying my Atom LT jacket away from me (I am wearing it as I write this).

Fresh flowers waiting for you when you get home.

At Hello Alfred we change everyday lives by giving you access to trustworthy, affordable help. We do that by creating the best jobs for the best people, and giving them the best gear to get their jobs done. So today I am thrilled to announce a partnership with Arc’teryx.

Dry Cleaning hanging in your closet? Only with Alfred.

Hello Alfred Client Managers [ACMs] form the “front line” of our mission, conquering urban landscapes and your to-dos, so after a long day you can “Come Home Happy”. They go the last meter to bring warmth and empathy to homes every day. Our ACMs will now be sporting custom Arc’teryx jackets. The Alfred jackets are part of Arc’teryx’s new 24 line, which focuses on active urban activities. Think unparalleled rigor and technology made for Everest, but with modifications to suit the demands of the urban dweller — or, in our case, folks that need protection from the elements as they navigate the city.

Groceries waiting in your fridge? We got it.

It speaks volumes to the spirit of the Arc’teryx brand to align with a growing, community-oriented company like ours. I’m excited that our incredible people now have some of the best quality gear on earth to do their jobs well. Best of all, I think they nailed the perfect Alfred red.

Watch out for our sharply dressed ACMs around town. I encourage you to support brands like Arc’teryx, who value attention to detail, community-driven partnerships and true hospitality. Dress well and Come Home Happy.

Marcela Sapone


Hello Alfred

Always take on the day with a fighting spirit! Let’s change the world.

P.S. — Some people have asked us how we can afford this “expensive gear”. It’s a good question. We are very focused on our margins. As a business we are operationally profitable and growing organically. Put simply, we wouldn’t be able to afford this without the belief in our mission — to share trustworthy, affordable help — by our partners and customers. Thank you for sharing this mission with us.